Blog Hop Winners - Fine Art Floral Thankyou Card

May 25, 2021


I am so excited to be apart of Kylies Winning Team this Month and be able to present another card to you all. I thought as we only have one more month with this amazing paper we shall use the Fine art Floral Paper to create a quick easy fun fold card.

There is not much too it, if you want to change up from your usual standard card but have been scared to this is a great card to start with. 

Step1. Cut your card stock into the usual 14.9cm (half an A4) But this time we are going to trim a little off the long side. We are going to cut long side to 18.5 leaving this approx inch window you can see. 

Step 2. We want to cut the extra piece for the closing flap. you can make this what ever size you want But just remember to add one centimetre to the side you are gluing down. My card is cut to 9cm x 10cm so it makes this square effect. You can score it at cm to make it easy to fold and glue but up against the edging of the card. Make sure you do this in the middle you don't want a lob sided card. 

Step 3. The insert: We want to cut this in Basic White measuring 14.4cm x 10cm and glue this down evenly leaving a slight gap all the way around the edge. this will cover the flap we have just glued down. If you want some extra flare on your car you could stamp a little down the edge that you can see from the front, but be sure to do so before you glue down. 

Step 4: Decorating the Front. now you can decorate the front like you would a normal card, just remember that anything on dimensional or your focal point items are going to be featured on the flap as that will be on top, and underneath will most likely feature your DSP. Have fun with it and show us what you made.

If you liked any of the items you saw get in quick as some are ending in June Click Here And you will be able to to see all stampin up has to offer you. 

*All these measurements are for Australia A4 Card Stock. 


  1. I love this fun fold! What a great way to show up busy designer paper without overwhelming the card!

  2. I love this card, Rebecca! I will miss that paper, too!

  3. Lovely card ,thank you for sharing!

  4. Lovely DSP and fold. Congrats Rebecca on making it to the Top Ten Blog Hop in May!


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