My First Card Set Ever

June 7, 2020

Change is as good as a holiday!

Well my life has been full of changes this year! We uprooted the family and moved 400km across NSW to the freezing Central West. Along with a move we changed the careers in our family which allows my husband and I to finally put our crafting hat on and find something in common we both enjoy. Still different fields of craft but I'm sure they will soon join. 

My love of craft landed with me joining Stampin Up this week as i'd tried allot of cardmaking/scrapbooking products but their quality was far superior. After making just a few cards I joined a great friend of mine in creating our Facebook Page Love by Craft to share all our products with the world. Below is my first ever Set of Cards I sold (not Stampin Up Products) I was pretty happy with them :)

So my first ever Order is coming in the mail from Stampin up and I'm so excited! I'll probably upload my first ever Youtube Unboxing, if I get up the nerve. I was grateful to join this month as I got $340 worth of product for $169 and free delivery! If you want to know how I'm happy to show you!

Anyway I think that's it from me today, I'll touch base in a few days with the new products and maybe even a card I've made from it all ;)

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